Fresenius Medical Care Sanction

Dialysis Under Microscope

Dialysis is an absolutely essential form of medical treatment which seeks to combat the effects of kidney dysfunction and failure, and the process has saved countless lies over the course of its implementation in the medical field. The kidneys provide the critical function of removing waste material and toxins from the blood stream, acting as a filter which cleanses the blood before returning it to the rest of the body and allowing you to excrete the collected waste through the urinary system. By bypassing the kidneys and artificially cleansing the blood using synthetic materials and processes, dialysis allows a patient with poorly functioning kidneys to avoid the deadly effects of blood poisoning.

There are a number of products and techniques used to achieve this goal in dialysis, and among them is the dry acid concentrate GranuFlo which was developed by Fresenius Medical Care as a blood cleansing agents. While the abilities of the substance to effectively remove toxins from blood are well documented, the negative side effects of the product only recently became widely known in the medical community. Increased risk of serious cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disorders has been directly associated with the product, accounting for a huge rise in major events such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and other issues. In response to these discoveries, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a Class 1 recall of the product, the most severe sanction available to the agency.

While no new amounts of GranuFlo are currently making their way into hospitals and other care center, there are still an enormous number of people who have suffered dire medical injury due to the use of the product. The expenses and losses associated with such use are enormous, and only with the assistance of a skilled GranuFlo mass tort attorney will the victims and their families be able to obtain compensation for their losses and move forward with their lives.

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