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The Beauty of Business Photography

College is such a cool place. I’ve been able to really explore my interests including learning how to play and instrument, studying topics that I normally would not have been able to study, and meeting really cool people from all over the country.

Two areas of interest that have been cultivated while I’ve been in college are definitely photography and advertising. I think it’s fascinating the art that can be created through merely pointing a camera at something and clicking to capture the moment. Photography can excite us, make us cry, distract us, and make us think. It’s such a versatile platform.

Advertising is just as versatile. Most advertisements are pretty lame, with silly jingles or bad acting. Occasionally, though, a website or ad for a company will really pique my interest. Maybe the jingle will be super catchy or the commercial will be hilarious.

I needed someone to cut my lawn a few weeks ago, though, and my love for photography and advertising simultaneously combined for me to fall in love with the website of a lawn care service company. The business, Midwest Lawn Co, has a beautiful website dedicated to showing the fruits of its services and its recommendations/testimonials from satisfied customers.

The lawns are always a beautiful emerald green that would make any neighbor think that the grass on the other side of the fence truly is greener. But this time, the neighbor would be correct. There aren’t any patches or mistakes on the lawns designed by Midwest Lawn Co’s landscaping services, it’s just continuous green throughout the property. Better than my patchy lawn!

And don’t get me started on the beautiful plants and gardens that their customers were treated to after Midwest Lawn Co helped them out! I know that they work in the Chesterfield area, but it looks like the beautiful work of Hawaiian nature. The flower buds are blooming in every picture as if Mother Nature herself gardened it. That’s what I find most appealing about the advertisements from the perspective of photography: the contrast of the garden’s flowers in addition to the detail provided by the quality of the camera makes me want to hire Midwest Lawn Co immediately.

I dug deeper into their website to see that they also install outdoor entertainment services. Their work looks great and customers have said that they enjoy their patios and decks way more. But honestly, I am not a fan of interior photography so I instead looked into the examples of other features that they highlight on their website.

On their truck and on their website, they offer an example of the renovations or landscapings that they offer. For example, features like an fire pit. The aesthetic and mood created by the fire pit is so homey and comforting that I know why people would hire qualified professionals like Midwest Lawn Co to install the features in their deck or patio. While I am just a college student and have a few years before I’m going to need lawn care services, I know just who I am going to call for my future needs.

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