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Yasmin Lawyer

Yasmin has been known to cause serious health complications and side effects, therefore women have been warned to consult their doctors first before taking in this particular birth-control pill. The most dangerous thing that can occur from taking Yasmin is having deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that can eventually cause breathing problems when they hit the lungs, embolic stroke if they go to the brain or heart attacks if they pass through the heart. Although Bayer, the manufacturer of Yasmin, has already given warnings about using their products, many women still have gone to their defective pharmaceutical lawyer to help them get compensation for the injuries they acquired because of the product. Most people believe they have been deceived by the products and its advertising.

All medications have side effects; therefore knowing if the risks are more than the benefits is beneficial to see if there is another alternative. Surgery to become sterile or abstaining from sex may be better options than risking your health using Yasmin. This is why it is essential to talk with your doctors first, because they can inform you about possible side effects and interactions that can happen if you are taking other medications or suffering from health complications such as:

  • Age – elderly women tend to be at higher risk of Yasmin side effects than younger women, while teenagers who have not yet experienced their menstruation are not advised to use Yasmin.
  • Breast feeding – the drospirenone is known to cause harmful effects to the infant, while the ethinyl estradiol can change the composition of the milk.
  • Allergies – having allergic reactions to Yasmin or any other medications should be relayed to your doctor, along with your allergies on foods, animals, preservatives and other things.
  • Medications – whether they are doctor-prescribed, over-the-counter, or herbal treatments, anything taken with Yasmin can increase or lower their effectiveness and/or side effects. Certain precautions may be taken, or the doses can be changed, though it would be better to discuss these with your doctor.
  • Alcohol and tobacco – it has been known that women who are heavy smokers have higher risks or developing Yasmin side effects ,therefore it would be better to find a more healthier alternative.

There are proper ways of using Yasmin, and doses may differ depending on each patient’s case. Following doctor’s prescriptions and the directions on the label can help lessen the chances of developing side effects. When you think you have a different dose, don’t change it but ask your doctor first before making any changes.

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